Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soccer Action

Freshman, Kolby Jacobson(26) fights to get the ball back from Glendale Community College players, making the goalie look worried. 

Defender, Kolby Jacobson(26) runs alone with the ball for Wednesday, Sept. 22 game against Glendale Community College.
PCC freshman defender, Edgar Torres(28) fights for the ball against a Glendale Community College player during Wednesday, Sept. 22 game while freshman midfield, Oscar Ortega(20) awaits the results.

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  1. Nice effort. Sports action takes practice, and a fast telephoto lens. I like the goalie reaction in top photo. Middle photo shows our class line-up. :-) Bottom photo does the best job of getting close to the action, though pic would be better if ball was by their feet.